Enrollment & Registration

Enrollment for new students

2021-2022 Enrollment Opens on March 5, 2021

Welcome to Alderwood Elementary!  Please visit Enroll in IUSD to complete Step 1 and Step 2 of the enrollment process.  Once you have completed the online data entry process, please gather and scan all required enrollment documents that are identified in step 2 - PDF format is preferred. Please send those documents to Alderwood Elementary - AWEnroll@iusd.org .  We prefer all documents to be send in 1 email. Once your documents are received, we will verify their completion and contact you if further information is required.  You will need to keep the hard copies of all documents because you will be required to bring them in for verification prior to enrollment start date.

  • If scanning is not available, parents will need to take clear, legible photographs of documents that can be attached to an email. PDF format is preferred.

For current IUSD students who need to update their Residency Verification please email documents to: StudentServices@IUSD.org


If you were unable to attend the virtual round-up,  you can access the presentation here: Alderwood Kindergarten Round-Up Presentation 2021

We ask all participants to watch IUSD’s Welcome to TK & K Parent Presentation and review the electronic resources, as well.

Indicators for School Success - What to Look For 

Alderwood School of Choice

Reflecting the belief that parents should have a choice of schools, the Irvine Unified School District established at its inception an Intradistrict/School Choice Policy. This policy provides the opportunity for parents who reside in the district to enroll their student in any school within the district on a space available basis.

Each school is required to serve the students who live within its attendance area prior to accepting any students from outside its boundary. 

Click here for Alderwood School of Choice request.  This SCHOOL CHOICE request is for ALDERWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ONLY.  If you wish to pursue a school choice spot at ANY OTHER Irvine Unified School District school site, please visit IUSD website at http://www.iusd.org for the proper school choice procedure.